Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Easter! - age 9 months

In April (last month), Nicholas started standing up in his crib.  Then learning how to maneuver around his crib.  Since then he's come a long way.... more adventurous every day.  But I wanted to show some of the cute pictures from April.  We have some of the "crazy workbench toys".... a little workbench, a little "zoo" with a moveable monkey, a little drum set.  In April we were able to set those up at the edge of the crib, and Nicholas would work on his stuff there for a while, play with things in his crib, and go back to his workbenches.  Up-down-up-down, around, around.  By now (May), he's able to actually lift one of these "workbenches" up over his head with one arm and throw it down in his crib (a hazard in case he were to fall), so now we keep it limited to just the one workbench that is too wide to lift past the crib rail.  But now Nicholas has "other adventures" on his mind than the workbench.

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