Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sibiu, Romania

Train Museum, Sibiu

Arriving at Sibiu by train, we saw an old roundhouse with a turntable, and some old steam trains. Later, we walked back down to the station, crossed the tracks, and walked down the tracks to the Sibiu Train Museum for something totally different to sketch from the medieval architecture of the city.
Train Museum website:

Train Museum, Sibiu

One of the guys at the museum told us that eventually the museum hopes to repair some of the steam trains for tourism. The trains are in all shapes, sizes, and with various features and aerodynamic experiments to try to eek out a bit more capacity, speed, or distance with each model. Some are huge and some are tiny. Sketching the trains is quite different from sketching the buildings...... maybe this is because of the different sense of spaces, and the way the trains occupy space compared with the buildings. Also, the trains are fun to sketch because of the mechanical, non-picturesque aspects.

Cool trip idea nr. 11,692: The Orient Express
Despite the functional, plain nature of the trains today in Romania, the famous (or one of the famous) Orient Express went through Romania and Bucharest to connect London to the Black Sea and Istanbul.
The route appears to have gone through Sibiu, but probably stopped at Bucharest and Brasov.

Map of the Orient Express (source:

Piata Mica, Sibiu
Back to Piata Mica for a sketch and lunch under one of the arches.

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