Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sibiu, Romania

Piata Mica, Sibiu

Sibiu is one of Romania's tourist destinations, one of the medieval cities like Brasov in Transylvania. Sibiu has two main squares, the large square and the small square, Piata Mare and Piata Mica, joined by a tunnel under a tower. The city is surrounded by a group of walls, with narrow passages between and around the walls, built on hills, with narrow stairways in areas, towers, and many architectural features, old and new buildings, to make it very picturesque for sketching. One of the interesting locations for sketching is in the squares, because of the abundance of interesting features and history. This tunnel through the tower is like a protected entrance in to the walled city.

Hotel Imparatul Romanilor, Sibiu

A side street from Piata Mare leads to a pedestrian mall filled with cafes, restaurants, and a famous hotel with a bright yellow plaster, a luxurious hotel. The interior of the hotel features a ballroom with a retractable glass ceiling. In the summer, the entire glass ceiling can be rolled back as one large operable piece to open the dance floor to the night sky. Right across from the hotel is a convenient cafe for having a coffee and making a quick sketch.

Piata Mare, Sibiu

In Piata Mare, looking the other direction at the tower between the two squares, there are four architectural structures side by side........ the large Catholic church, the tower, the primaria and the Brukenthall Museum.

Webcam of Sibiu:


Apple-Pine said...

I like the expressiveness of the first sketch - how pen creates dark masses with force. And I really like ghost figures in the second one. Composition there is also nice. There is something about the space of the plaza in the third sketch that makes me feel small :)

John said...

Thanks for the comments Apple-Pine. You have some nice linework and figures on your drawings. and the expressiveness of the trees on "Heavy Rain". I like the mixed quality. I hope to see some comments on future posts.

Apple-Pine said...

thanks, Jon! I will definitely follow your sketches! :)