Sunday, July 15, 2007

Catching up........

A bridge in Amsterdam

I'm hoping to have in this blog a series of sketches and photos, to try and show places we've been, and things we've seen. Not only do I need the sketching practice, but also I just like the quality of's sometimes difficult to capture the quality of spaces in photographs, but sometimes interseting to try to capture the quality of the space in a sketch.

Amsterdam is great for dogs..... there are parks, and people are friendly, and other dogs are friendly, and all the water, and all the fish...just alot for dogs to look at and explore.

The bridges are small suspension structures with a very simple raising and lowering technique to allow boats to pass.

As we were walking around, and stopping at places for food and good beer, we found out that Febe just loves to hang out with people at cafes. She managed to find supremely comfortable places on the cool brick plazas of Amsterdam while we had lunch or dinner. While we were there, it was Queen's Day weekend, so the plaza here was full of music and people.

After all the walking and discovering in Netherlands, we really needed some new shoes before heading to Romania, so we managed to find a good pair of red Holland shoes. Perfect for a tough day at the office, or just relaxing on the weekend. Here Diana tries to tell me, "John, really.......I think they're just too big." Anyway, we may have to go back to Amsterdam for trying on more shoes. Apparently, even though they're made of wood, the story is that the longer a person wears them, they become perfectly fitted for the foot. I guess we'll have to see.


cj8n said...

John, you adventurous monkey-boy!
I'm so glad to see you having fun and learning.
I look forward to hearing all about your life in a new/old land.


brian1966 said...


Great to hear from you and learn of your adventures. Please stay in touch - I'll email as well. I've got an architect friend from Dallas who's orignally from Romania; his father was a head romanian architect [during the communist years] many years ago before they left for america - I'll have to put you in touch one day.

Take care and again stay in touch,

Brian Keith

John said...

Hey Chris,
just realized, cant really have a blog if I dont respond to comments. :-) anyway..... I"ll put up some stuff from Romania soon. Will send an email soon as well. :-)

John said...

I"m really glad we can keep in touch all these ways too. More to come soon, and maybe even some even newer adventures for me, Diana, and Febe. Things are going well here, but dealing with minor corruption at all levels of society, in little ways. But Diana and I are our own anti-corruption task force. Period.